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WELCOME TO The Newark Preservation & Landmarks Committee (NPLC) on-line. Our award-winning logo shows the 18th century Plume House "preserved" in a Mason jar tells the story...  

 Since our early days the Committee has been identified by a unique logotype -- an historic building "preserved" inside a canning jar. The symbol was designed by Johnson & Simpson, a graphic design firm that was at one time on Bleeker Street opposite the Rutgers-Newark campus. Milton Simpson, a strong supporter of preservation, arranged to put a photograph of the Plume House, one of the oldest in Newark, into a Mason jar, and then took a picture of it. The Plume House serves as an important reminder that Newark, New Jersey is the third oldest city in the United States with a diverse and rich culture that deserves to be protected. IT'S YOUR HISTORY! Join NPLC Today -- the time for preservation is NOW


After various considerations NPLC Trustees voted to form a separate THE FRIENDS OF THE PLUME HOUSE. The organization is being incorporated with the new goal of leaving the house in its current location for historical continuity, and having it open as Newark Visitors Center in time for the 350th anniversary.


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ANNUAL AWARDS CEREMONY at the Cass Gilbert 1912 First National Bank Building, now the Indigo Hotel

Coming this fall, stay tuned date TBA

Newark, New Jersey

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